Gold Tip shafts are quick and easy to cut, assemble, and tune in any configuration by following these instructions Read through all the steps of each section before starting your assembly.

Use only a high-speed, abrasive wheel cutoff saw specifically designed for cutting arrow shafts. Use of any other method could result in damage to the shaft. It is recommended that your arrow shaft be cut at least one inch in front of the arrow rest at full draw. Arrows that are cut too short can be drawn past the arrow rest which could result in the arrow falling from the string, jamming, or otherwise causing damage to the arrow or the bow, and could even lead to personal injury. Never shoot an arrow that is less than one inch past the arrow rest at full draw.

Tip from the Pros: Try cutting arrow shafts on both ends to improve straightness. It is typical with all carbon arrows to find minute straightness flaws on the ends. Cutting both ends will often lead to better straightness and accuracy.