Gold Tip® Smart Carbon Technology ensures that your arrows will maintain superior accuracy throughout the wear and tear of target shooting and bowhunting. To start, we only use 100% pure carbon to yield a shaft that is unmatched in toughness and consistency. We don't use fiberglass or fillers that weaken other arrows throughout their lifespan.  Next, we laser sort our shafts to assure consistent straightness out of the box. This way, you know that every Gold tip arrow you shoot has superior shaft memory.  The stronger the shaft memory, the faster your arrow returns to its original straightness after repeated shots or stress.
As you shoot, shaft memory protects the two most important attributes that can be engineered into the shaft: spine consistency and straightness. That's why Gold Tips deliver the tightest groupings on the market. We also engineer and manufacture our own nocks, inserts, bushings, and tips to meet the most exacting standards for quality and durability.
The result is the toughest arrow you'll ever shoot, and the only arrow built to start tough and stay true shot after shot, hunt after hunt. That's Smart Carbon Technology. And that's why more and more tournament podiums, mountaintops, and tree stands have quivers loaded with one brand of arrow - Gold Tip.