Installing Inserts

  • Read Warning and First Aid instructions on Tip Grip bottle before use.
  • Wear safety glasses.
  • Do not handle inserts by gluing surfaces as doing so may lead to improper adhesion. Disposable gloves are recommended.
  • Use only TIP GRIP adhesive to install inserts. Do not use hot melt glue on carbon arrows.

Step 1:   To remove any debris from the inside of the shaft, use a cotton-tipped swap dipped in water to clean the inside of the point end of the shaft to a depth of 1 inch.  Allow to dry thoroughly before proceeding.

Step 2:   Apply Tip Grip adhesive liberally to insert using three generous lines evenly spread lengthwise along the flats of the insert.

Step 3:   Install insert into shaft while slowly rotating one full turn.

Step 4:   Use a clean cloth to immediately wipe off any excess glue from the shaft and insert.

Step 5: For best results, allow 24 hours for adhesive to cure before shooting. Shooting before the adhesive has fully cured may result in loss of inserts and/or points.

Installing Nocks

Installing Nocks

Gold Tip GT Series and Accu-lite Nocks are designed to fit snuggly without the use of adhesive.  Simply press the nock into the shaft and rotate to achieve correct vane orientation.

Gold Tip Pin Nocks and HD Pin Nocks are designed to fit snuggly over a pin nock bushing without the use of adhesive.  After following the instructions for installing a Gold Tip pin nock bushing (see above), simply press the nock onto the pin and rotate to achieve correct vane orientation.

Gold Tip Pin Nock Bushings are used in conjunction with a pin nock or HD pin nock.  The bushings can be glued in using

Tip Grip adhesive or press in using plastic or Teflon tape.

Tip from the Pros: Instead of using glue, press your pin nock bushing into the shaft through a piece of a plastic grocery bag, or wrap the bushing with Teflon tape prior to pressing it in the shaft.  This will allow the bushing to fit tightly without rotating and at the same time, it will allow you to replace the bushing in the event it becomes damaged.  If the pin is damaged after being glued in it is very difficult and sometimes not even possible to remove the damaged pin without damaging the shaft. (see photos above)