Start Tough.
Stay True.
From the start, every Gold Tip® arrow is built tough with Smart Carbon Technology® and engineered for maximum straightness retention. So target after target, hunt after hunt, your shots stay true.
Valkyrie with
Factory 4-Fletch
Now Gold Tip® gives you four fletch accuracy with up to 75% improvement in group size without sacrificing speed or clearance!* It's accuracy to the 4th power.
Wind isn't the
element it used to be
The new micro diameter Pierce Tour is engineered to win in field archery conditions where long distances rule and unpredictable winds abound.
Toughness that holds true. Shot after shot.
The ONLY arrow that will stay true long after the abuse.
Gold Tip proudly offers serious bowhunters a vast selection of hunting arrows designed to perform in any application
Gold Tip target arrows are constructed to ensure absolute repeat-ability from one tournament season to the next
Arrow Selection
Use the Arrow Selection Tool to find the right arrow for you.
Front of Center
Use the Arrow FOC Calculator to dial in your specs.
4-fletch accuracy & screaming speed
Kinetic Kaos
Small diameter & hard-hitting punch
Factory 4 Fletch
Experience accuracy to the 4th power.
Team GoldTip
You demand tough, accurate arrows. That's why we make every Gold Tip with 100% pure carbon. Then we hand pick the toughest and most consistent shafts. We've got the callouses to prove it. And you've got our promise that if it makes our cut, it'll make your shot.