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Own Arrow

Don’t have a Pro Shop near you? You can Build Your Own Arrow here. 
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Please take note of the following

  • All Build Your Own Arrow orders require a minimum of 12 arrows per build, any orders less than 12 arrows WILL NOT be processed. 
  • Correct Arrow Length is measured from the groove or deepest part of the nock to the end of the shaft, not including the point or insert.
  • Correct Arrow Length for bows (including bows with overdraws) is determined or measured by drawing an extra-long or full-length arrow to the full draw position and having someone mark the arrow one inch (1") in front of where the arrow contacts the most forward portion of the arrow rest. WARNING: Using arrows shorter than Correct Arrow Length could result in personal injury and/or damage to your equipment.
  • On arrows equipped with Ballistic Collars, (Platinum, Pierce, Kinetic Kaos, Traditional Classic XT) the Build Your Own Arrow Tool will automatically add a half inch (.5") to the Correct Arrow Length to allow clearance for the Ballistic Collar.  
  • All sales are final. Selecting the Correct Arrow Length is the customer's responsibility.
  • Please allow 7-10 days for delivery of your orders.
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